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Wind Energy Is Needed!

Yes, windfarms change things and for the better in most cases.

No doubt, rural America is hurting, yet many areas have an untapped resource that can help them and America. Our country’s energy needs keep expanding.  Ultimately, the solution is energy independence for our great nation. Accomplishing that though, requires employing every reasonable form of energy we can. 


Perhaps, the solution is simpler than we realize. Wind energy is already a part of our energy portfolio. While windfarms do change the landscape, they are also saving communities. Wind energy certainly is not the ONE solution, but it is a part of a diversified energy plan, a strong plan. However, oftentimes misinformation clouds our thinking. My goal is to help you make sense of it all and to see that renewable energies are viable sources and should be a part of our ultimate energy solution. Let's be adults about this and have open, rational discussions with good and accurate information.

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Regarding pertinent issues

There is much misinformation out there regarding windfarms. Here you'll find short videos clarifying that info. Find those episodes on the video page. You can also use the contact form below to suggest a future windfarm related topic.

Speaking with your group

Being a third party, I can bring value to community meetings, and landowner discussions. As a seasoned public speaker, I can speak to any size group, educating folks and addressing concerns. Use the contact form below to inquire.

Research your area

As a Realtor myself, I understand the gravity here. Using real data from actual real estate sales, I'll show the windfarm's effect on property values around a windfarm near the subject area. Use the contact form below to inquire.


Ask a question or request information


How can I help you?

If you’d like to know more or would like me to address a particular topic in the videos, I'd love to hear from you. Also, if you’d like to schedule me for an event, please contact me using the form below.

As an industry veteran, I also help renewable energy companies develop their projects. I have acquired hundreds of thousands of acres for their projects. Call me if you'd like help.

Please also include your phone number when you send a message below.


Ask me your question or check my schedule for an appearance. Please include your phone number in message. I can help.

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What People Are Saying

Your videos have really been helpful. -- Robert

Hi Dennis, my name is Aaron and I started working for a new development company about a year ago. I stumbled across your Windfarm Guy videos and wanted to let you know that I've found them very helpful in landowner education and negotiations. You're doing a great service to the industry, landowners, and developers, so I wanted to reach out and thank you for your contribution. -- Aaron

Awesome video. Said many things that need to be said. -- Zeke

Hi there!! Awesome video!! -- Loren

Fantastic fact-based information! You do a great job! I’m going to watch all of your video and subscribe. -- Will

You are spot on... Thank you for your work. -- Steve

Hi Dennis, I love what you're doing. -- Brandon

Very interesting, very informative...and who knew. -- Leona

Dennis, I just watched a video and subscribed. Great video! Can’t wait to watch the rest. Website looks good too. -- Harry

I just watched the episode on PTC. Very good video Dennis! -- Don

How fascinating! I had no idea! -- Jeanette

Way to go Dennis! -- Denise

Great job. -- Kathy

Great video, Dennis! Beautifully explained.  -- Mayank

These are awesome. Thanks for creating this content! -- Daniel

I saw your Windfarm Guy videos. Great job, thanks for putting that content out there.  -- Alex

Love the [videos]. Keep up the good work. -- Jason

I gotta say I find your Windfarm Guy videos so interesting, I've been just sitting here watching them for like 45 minutes.  -- Chris

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